It’s Us Versus Them and the Problem is Us

Us vs Them 295In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own troubles, that would be unthinkable. It’s always the other guy who fouls everything up. We’re innocent. If only the whole world were left to us, it would be a utopian paradise.

The same phenomenon exists in the political arena where the “us versus them” mentality finds that it is always the other political party that is the problem. You name the trouble, the other party caused it. Whether we’re talking Democrat vs Republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative, one thing is certain, the other side is the root of all evil. If only the country were turned over to our side, to our favored “ism” or political party, we would make it a utopian paradise.

While I can’t speak for those who identify with the liberal-left or Democrat side of this equation, I do spend a lot of time around people who identify as Christian, conservative or who faithfully and unquestioningly vote Republican and who know for certain that they’re not the problem. They couldn’t possibly be responsible for any of America’s ills as they’re on the right side, profess the right “ism” and vote for the candidate with the right initial after his name. If only the Christian side, the conservative side, the “right” side could prevail at the ballot box and fill the halls of power with people who have the right party initial after their name, America would become a utopian paradise… right? Continue reading

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Is the Constitution Dead?

Constitution & Flag 225Today we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and ask the question, “is the Constitution dead?” Has it survived despite the many years of degradation it has suffered or did it succumb long ago?

The other day I was confronted with the idea that perhaps the Constitution is already null and void and has been for some time now based on the many unconstitutional acts of the federal government, some beginning as long as a hundred years ago. I’ll be the first to admit that much, perhaps even most of what the federal government does, is not allowed under the Constitution. But does that mean that the Constitution has failed, that it doesn’t work, that it is no longer valid, has become irrelevant and that we should quit contending for the founding principles of the American Constitutional republic? Or does it merely mean that we the people have ignorantly and foolishly elected persons who are now subjecting us to an unconstitutional, and therefore alien, form of government?

I believe some people confuse conservatism with Constitutionalism and the conservative movement with the current efforts of Constitutionists. The two tend to be treated as synonymous and lumped together under one title. I admit that some who are called conservatives are Constitutionists, though not all, and Constitutionalism is what conservatism once was, or sought to be. However, Constitutionalism and modern conservatism are quite different entities. I contend that it is conservatism that has expired and lapsed into irrelevance while the principles of Constitutionalism remain ever relevant and worthy of our most valiant efforts to contend for. Continue reading

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What the Gospel Can Do

In July I wrote an article addressing the causes of illegal immigration and who is really to blame. One of the things I found myself wanting to say, though it didn’t actually fit the context of the article, is that the thing most needed and which a Christian people should be most earnestly desiring, is the preaching of the Gospel and the bringing of “The Blessing” to those countries where poverty and violence are causing people to flee to the U.S.

About a week after publishing that article, I was informed that a minister who I support is planning to hold meetings in Guatemala in November. I shared my article and the above comments with him and yesterday he replied with the following message.

“I agree with your assessment of the immigration issue. We need to start at the source. There is a village in Guatemala where every soul is born again, and God has prospered them all supernaturally. That’s the power of the Gospel.”

There is a place for politics, but that place comes after the Kingdom of God. The proper use of Christian political activism is to declare the will of God to the civil society and to make known the counsels of His kingdom for the governance of the land. Politics alone cannot solve the problems of this or any nation. For peace, prosperity and blessing to reign, the whole counsel of God (His Word) must be taught, believed, received and obeyed. When that happens, whole villages can enjoy blessing in the midst of one of the most impoverished and violence ridden countries on the planet. Think what faith and obedience could do for our country, or your state, or city, or church, or home.

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Analysis of KXLY Story on State Representative Matt Shea

News 260The following is an analysis of the KXLY television news story on State Representative, Matt Shea, aired July 17, 2014. This is not a “fault finding” document seeking merely to complain. Rather, this is intended as an honest assessment of the story from the perspective of responsible journalistic practices. It should also be pointed out that this is not about defending Representative Shea, but is about protecting all public officials, candidates for office and citizens alike from the harm that can be done when the media departs from journalistic integrity and becomes a political tool.

I Suspicion of source

When a news release is received from a candidate for public office that is critical of his opponent, a good journalist must suspect that it may be an attempt by that candidate to use the media as a tool for political mudslinging. When that news release is distributed the same day that the mail-in ballots begin to arrive with voters, then a real journalist’s suspicions should go through the roof. Continue reading

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KXLY Responsibility in Journalism Petition

An open letter from Robert Peck to the greater Spokane community. Originally distributed via email list.

On Thursday, July 17, Spokane’s KXLY television news aired a blatantly defamatory story about Washington State Representative, Matt Shea (click here to view the story). You may have already read the article that I published exposing KXLY’s slanderous attack on a sitting representative of the people of the State of Washington.

This is not just about Representative Shea. Though Matt Shea is one of the few overtly God honoring, Constitution upholding champions of liberty currently serving in public office, the practice of character assassination by media insinuation without the benefit of trial, is a despicable act that must be opposed whatever the victim’s political views. Those who wear the title of “media” hold a certain public trust. The story aired by KXLY violated that trust. Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration – Who’s Responsible?

Illegal Immigration 325Illegal immigration into the U.S. has been on the rise for the past year, but in the last month or so an unprecedented wave of immigrants has hit the border and started to make headlines. In California, citizens took to the streets to physically block buses from bringing more illegals into their community. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, is said to be preparing to deploy National Guard forces. Rumors are flying about various citizen militia groups heading south to secure the border. Meanwhile, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has begun a million-dollar ad campaign across Central America warning potential illegal immigrants of the dangers of the journey and that there will be “no permiso” – no permission to stay – once they get to the border. General John Kelly, Chief of the U.S. Southern Command, calls the region a “Crime-terror convergence” that is an existential threat to the nation.

Though the subject of illegal immigration has gained new attention through the recent and somewhat exceptional events, the issue itself and the general factors surrounding it are nothing new. The number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has been on the rise for a half century, including throughout the Bush administration, arriving at a record high in 2007 of nearly 11.8 million. The number had since declined slightly, but now appears to be on the rise again. Continue reading

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News Media and GOP Team-up to Attack Outspoken Christian Candidate

Matt SheaWell, it’s begun. The day after primary election ballots began to be mailed out to Spokane County voters, a local television news channel, KXLY, decided to whole-heartedly throw itself behind the efforts of the Republican Party establishment leadership’s attempt to unseat pro-God, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty incumbent State Representative, Matt Shea. In what was the most blatantly un-professional and un-newsworthy hit piece I believe I have ever seen from an entity claiming the title of “media,” Spokane’s KXLY 4 News expended one of their prime spots on last night’s Six O’clock News hurling baseless, insinuations and allegations at the incumbent Republican representative who has been a thorn in the side of the big government, status quo Republican leadership since the day voters first sent him to Olympia six years ago. Continue reading

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This Independence Day, Remember the Declaration

Fourth_of_July_fireworks_375pix highThis Independence Day, I want to encourage my fellow countrymen to celebrate the most American of all holidays by listening to a reading of the Declaration of Independence on this week’s episode of Home Front, hosted by former Missouri State Representative and Constitution Party leader, Cynthia Davis. Even those of us who frequently refer to this great document, or profess to love the liberty that it stands for, are guilty of rarely reading the actual words with which our nation was founded. When I listened to this reading of the Declaration, several things jumped out at me as though I were hearing them for the first time. The reading of the Declaration of Independence and the rehearsing of the principles contained therein, should be at the center of every festivity and gathering across the land on this and every 4th of July.

As you listen to the reading of the Declaration of Independence, or read it for yourself, listen closely and consider how many of the charges laid against King George by the signers of that document could be made against our President today; or his predecessors; or the swarms of bureaucrats that enforce upon us rules, regulations, fines and fees; or the Congress that approves of it all, including the House of Representatives that furnishes the funding that allows it to continue; or the governors and state legislatures that fail to interpose to protect their citizens from federal usurpation, but instead actually engage in most of the same activities within their own states.

This Independence Day, remember the Declaration of Independence and rehearse its principles. Then, forward this to your friends to remind them what the 4th of July is really about, why we celebrate it and what it really means to be an American.

Home Front Independence Day Special

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Stop Fighting the Fruit – Start Chopping the Root

Axe to Root - 295I’m always looking for the principle behind a thing, the key thing, the root thing, the thing that makes it all work. I can’t walk into a building without starting to analyze the structure to figure out which is a load-bearing wall, which is a facade, what holds this up and what supports that.

I’m that way with politics and government too. I want to find the foundational principles that make for good government, the eternal truths that can tell me which policies are right or wrong. I want to make sure I’m getting to the root of the matter and am not being distracted by something superficial. Continue reading

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Draft Judge Napolitano – But Not as a Republican

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

The other night I ran across a Facebook page titled “Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President.” I found that it is associated with a website devoted to the same purpose of convincing the judge to seek the Presidency in 2016. I like Judge Napolitano. I’m not aware of his having ever said anything that I disagree with and I would be pleased to have him as President. However, I have one problem with this effort.

The “Draft the Judge” petition concludes by calling on “Judge Andrew Napolitano to offer himself as a ‘Republican‘ candidate for President of the United States” (emphasis added). This despite the fact that after identifying numerous of our country’s ills, the petition rightly identifies both the Republican and Democrat Parties as the source of our problems, stating that they have “worked in tandem as an entrenched political duopoly to put the United States on this path, despite both parties’ claiming fundamental ideological differences.” Continue reading

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